“I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole.”
- Carl Jung

A project for those who feel lost about themselves in life.     
“Beyond Labels” aims to go beyond our negative identity labels and understanding their underlying causes. The project aims to shed light on our “vulnerable” aspects and hopes to provide the opportunity for self awareness and acceptance.

The main problem the project looks at, is how we don’t understand where our emotions come from which makes us go farther away from healing and being whole. One of the reasons is the constant labeling in society, which prevents us from looking beneath the surface and just puts us in categories. 

A majority of the project focuses on research done on the concept of the shadow self, which refers to the collection of repressed aspects of ourselves. These repressed traits actually trigger feelings of depression, anger, insecurity aand anxiety, to name a few. The end goal is to raise awareness on the self reflection process and how embracing vulnerability can be a sign of resilience, which helps us to connect back to our deep rooted vulnerabilities.