The UNSEEN package

The project will be observed as a series of projects aimed to communicate the process of the self acceptance journey. The first part of the project looks into the process of inward exploration/ investigation of the self. Self reflection is a known term, but let’s really go beyond and explore the process through the lens of shadow work. The unseen process can be as valuable as the finished product. People typically focus on the packaging's exterior, but what if the inner layout got the same attention?  Take a look into the process which makes us complete: 

Identify -> Accept -> Embody -> Integrate

  • IDENTIFY: The first step is to take a moment to decide to pay attention to your self, and prepare the mindset to do so. You will pay attention to your negative feelings.

  • ACCEPT: The next step is to accept your own shadows. To own them. To acknowledge their purpose and value.

  • EMBODY: As you now own and love your shadows you can consciously embody them and leverage them for your personal growth and development.

  • INTEGRATE: Begin to see the value of your shadow in every area of your life to help expand your virtues and evolve.